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Nelson Bunker Hunt, Texas Tycoon, Dies at 88

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 21:54
The eccentric scion of a prominent Dallas family that made a fortune in oil, Mr. Hunt tried and failed to corner the world’s silver market in 1980.

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DealBook: States Ease Laws That Protected Poor Borrowers

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 20:22
Lawmakers in several states have voted to increase the fees or the interest rates that lenders can charge on personal loans used by millions of poor or financially struggling borrowers.

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IPad Air 2 and Mini 3 Review: One Thumb Up, and Another Down

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 20:02
The iPad Air 2 is substantially faster than its predecessor, and both it and the Mini 3 include Touch ID and Apple Pay. Needless to say, both products are costly.

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U.S. Orders More Testing on Guardrail After Ruling

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 19:54
The action came more than two years after the agency learned that Trinity Industries failed to report possibly hazardous design changes to its highway rails.
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Advertising: P.R. Group’s Soul-Searching Leads to Shifts in Strategy

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 19:21
The Council of Public Relations Firms plans to adopt an informal name, the P.R. Council, and promote the benefits of public relations to senior executives of client companies.

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Demand Jumps for Protective Equipment as Ebola Cases Spur Hospitals Into Action

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 19:08
Major manufacturers of protective equipment are increasing production as people across the United States brace for new potential cases of the virus.

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DealBook: U.S. Regulators Approve Eased Mortgage Lending Rules

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 19:05
The new regulations aim to strengthen the vast market for bonds that are backed with mortgages and other loans.

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Ben Bradlee, Editor Who Directed Watergate Coverage, Dies at 93

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 19:04
Mr. Bradlee, a quintessential newspaper editor, supervised The Washington Post’s exposure of the Watergate scandal that led to the resignation of President Richard M. Nixon.

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Business Briefing: Coca-Cola Lowers Forecast and Plans Cost-Cutting

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 18:52
The company said it would reach its cost-cutting goal by 2019 through a variety of measures, like revamping its global supply chain.
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Business Briefing: Business of Bourbon Growing Fast in Kentucky

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 18:51
Representing 95 percent of global production, the state has more distilleries now than at any time since the end of Prohibition.
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Christophe de Margerie, Swashbuckling Chief of Total Oil, Is Dead at 63

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 18:47
The chairman and chief was a charismatic executive who was known for speaking his mind and who was on friendly terms with heads of state.
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Forest City Ratner Looking to Sell Its Share of Barclays Center

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 18:31
Evercore Partners, the investment bank assisting the sale, is expected to send out preliminary marketing materials next week.
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Enforcer at Treasury Is First Line of Attack Against ISIS

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 18:26
David Cohen, a Treasury under secretary, discusses the battle to choke off the flow of illicit revenue to the Islamic State.

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Q&A: Finding the Best Ways to Cut Utility Costs

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 17:30
A wide variety of alternative and “smart” gadgets, including advanced power strips and high-efficiency light bulbs, can help consumers conserve energy

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The 30-Minute Interview: Spencer Rascoff

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 17:12
Mr. Rascoff is the chief executive of Zillow, an online real estate database and marketplace with headquarters in Seattle.

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Gas Deal Eludes Russia and Ukraine, but Talks Will Continue

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 17:07
The standoff between the two countries, in which Russian gas deliveries have been halted over Ukraine’s unpaid gas bill, has Europe worried about its winter supplies.
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Yahoo Revenue and Profit Surpass Estimates

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 16:02
Strong third-quarter results at Yahoo ended a long pattern of declines.

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DealBook: Third Point, Loeb’s Hedge Fund, Urges Amgen to Consider a Breakup

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 15:58
The hedge fund suggested that the drug maker consider splitting itself up into a faster-growing entity whose products require research spending, and a slower-growing company with more mature products.

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DealBook: Google Invests in Magic Leap, an Augmented Reality Firm

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 15:58
Google is leading a $542 million investment in a little-known firm called Magic Leap, in an investment that is said to value the start-up at about $2 billion.

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Economic Scene: Insurers Retreat From Weather-Related Disasters

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 15:57
As the damages wrought by increasingly disruptive weather patterns have climbed around the world, the insurance industry seems to have quietly engaged in what looks a lot like a retreat.
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